About Us

Founded early 2019 with a mission to help teams focusing on delivering what matters.

As many of the ideas we see today Spanat was also something I needed, during my work
managing large number of teams working with different stakeholders, cultures and
locations. it was very hard to make sure that everyone is aligned on the same priorities
on what needs to be done.

Wanted to spend less time compiling reports to and more towards making them reality

When looking for the right tool for goal management everything was
either lacking a feature I really needed, complicated or geared toward enterprise with
hefty price tag and long implementation cycle.

That was it started by building exactly the set of features that I needed as a manager
no more and no less. turn out lots of other people shared similar needs and
Spanat was born.

Based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we continues to develop Spanat beyond
Goal Management into a people management platform, including goal management,
reflections, continuous feedback, one-on-one and more is coming every day.

If you have any question please reach out to us (also we are hiring)

Spanat Team
[email protected]